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In this episode, we are going to talk about student loans. To help us debunk issues surrounding student loans is Kristina Ellis. Kristina Ellis is a renowned author of several books, including “Confessions of a scholarship winner.” she earned over half a million dollars worth of college scholarships.

Currently, she advocates for students to achieve debt-free education as she believes no student deserves to be burdened by student loans.

She advocates for parents to engage their kids in student loan conversations early as it's never too early for parents to help kids understand the value of a college education. But what about all those student loans? How do you help your kids understand the responsibility of taking on debt?

There are several ways to pay for college without taking on student loans, including attending an affordable community college before transferring, working part-time while studying, and studying abroad.

You can get out of student loan debt, and it’s not hard, and anyone can do it. Listen in to learn the seven baby steps that will help in debt repayment, student loan forgiveness, scholarship opportunities, and how different they are from grants and other great discussions.


What You Will Learn

  • The strategies Kristina laid out and implemented to pay off her student loan.
  • The seven baby steps to paying off student loans.
  • All about student loan forgiveness.
  • How student loan forgiveness can be an opportunity for a greater impact on student loan repayment.
  • Tidbits on how to navigate student loan conversations with kids.
  • Scholarship search engines.
  • The difference between school grants and scholarships.
  • The application process for scholarships.
  • Other ways of going to college debt-free.

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