The His and Her Money Show

Virtual assistant jobs are the perfect solution for someone who wants to work from home and make extra money. You can start earning money as a VA and grow your career as you gain experience.

To help us navigate and build a career as a VA is Annalisa Abell. She has built a six-figure virtual assistant business of her own and she also helped hundreds of other people do the same. 


What You Will Learn:

  • What is a virtual assistant?
  • Qualifications for a virtual assistant.
  • Characteristics you need to possess to be good as a virtual assistant.
  • How to make yourself available to clients.
  • How to make money.
  • Rough estimate for virtual assistant earnings.
  • Customer service tips and connecting with clients.
  • Apps, tools, and purchases for virtual assistants.
  •  Annalisa‚Äôs testimonial on her newfound career.


Resources Mentioned

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