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Today, we are joined by Kendall and Fantasia Taylor, couples on a mission to strengthen marriages. They met in 2014 and had a very intuitive agreement, and they're here to share with us how as a couple doing things the God’s way, joining accounts and how that has helped their accountability with their finances. 

Kendall Taylor is a German-American businessman husband to Fantasia, a famous American R&B singer, songwriter, actress, and author.

They’ve joined together to co-author their book “No crowns in the castle.” Through their book, they describe a godly marriage and offer faith-based and Biblical relationship guidance to readers.


What You Will Learn:

  • Why it's essential in marriage to join together and be one.
  • Relearning individual lessons, preferences, and each other as entrepreneurs.
  • How to incorporate the leading of the holy spirit into all the different areas in each other's lives.
  • Mutual submission in marriage.
  • How to apply their book's "no crowns in the castle" idea to marriages.
  • Fantasia elaborates on why she loves being a wife and a mother more than a singer.
  • How social media has social-engineered and trained us into being impatient.
  • What to expect from their book “no crowns in the castle.”

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Kendall

Connect with Fantasia

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