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This episode of the His & Her Money Show is ALL about credit. And we've got the best person to lead the conversation. Jeri Toliver is taking us through the ins and outs of the credit score and how our actions can impact it positively or negatively. But even Jeri wasn't always the most proactive person when it came to credit. She's letting us in on her story, a single mom of two realizing her financial situation wasn't what it needed to be, to where she is now as a homeowner with an 850 score and thriving.

Bad credit can follow you around for life, or you could get serious and start making the changes now to get your credit right. Now that Jeri is getting all the good rates and seeing the benefits of having her credit in check, she's full of wisdom about how you can do the same while building wealth and setting yourself up for the future. She doesn't stop until she's covered all the bases, and this is a great episode for everyone!

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