The His and Her Money Show

The financial and personal freedom entrepreneurship can offer would be appealing to any couple. Though, it can feel impossible when your bank account is being drained by student loan debt every month. 

Kelan and Brittany Kline found themselves in that exact position in 2016. With $40,000 in combined student loan debt, they were stuck in routines at jobs that left them uninspired. 

After sitting down and taking a good hard look at what they had and deciding what they wanted, they came up with a plan that changed their financial trajectory.

Over the course of three years, they were able to quit both of their jobs, figure out how to grow a successful online business and pay off all their student loan debt in 5 months. Yes, you read that right… 5 months!

Listen in to learn how you can do the same. Kelan and Brittany share their experience navigating entrepreneurship while in debt. They talk about finding health insurance for their growing family, figuring out when it became the right time to walk away from their jobs and the challenges of working together as a couple.

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