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The debt-free story of James and Cathy isn’t your typical “we saved money and hustled to get out of debt “ story. 

It’s a bit more complicated than that. 

It’s also a debt-busting strategy that isn’t for the weak.

After paying off close to $60,000 in loans, credit cards, and student loans, they switched to a high-paying strategy known as the Velocity Banking to pay off their house early.

Tune in if you are looking for a non-traditional way to pay off debt along with the practical steps you need to make sure you stay on the “paid” side of credit. 

Cathy St. Louis is a Mom and blogger who works from home and blogs about simplicity and a debt-free lifestyle. You can follow her and James’  journey on their website and Instagram.



  • What caused James and Cathy to make the shift to debt crushers
  • Why Catchy and James decided to trade in a car to save on expenses and continue their debt journey
  • How to manage debt when one partner is a big spender
  • Why ego is a big part of the issue with overspender
  • Getting a good deal on your car trade-in
  • Building a sales cushion while paying off debt
  • Using bigger sums of money (like a bonus or tax refund) to pay off debt
  • Cathy and James’ unique strategy of using the HELOC to pay off a debt off fast
  • Why James and Cathy chose to use the Velocity Banking method in the first place
  • How they invested in Velocity Banking without getting





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