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On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, Bruce and Brenda McGrew are joining us today for an incredible debt-free story of faith, marriage, and making progress where you need it the most. this inspirational couple never stopped. They're both teachers in the public education system, and now they're schooling others around the country on finances, smart money management, and paying off all your debts - just like they did! Bruce and Brenda once had over $58,000 of debt, and now they're enjoying the wonderful world of debt freedom.

When Bruce and Brenda attended their first Financial Peace University class, they were going as moral support for another couple, not for themselves. They considered themselves pretty money smart already so they had no idea how great they'd benefit from the course, and the world it would open for them. But it did!

Six years ago at the beginning of their debt freedom journey, Bruce and Brenda had roughly $58,000 in consumer debt, from credit cards to car loans (and their "eight-thousand dollar blanket"), and they knew they had to get out from under it, and as soon as possible. In the first year of work, they'd already paid off $30,000, and after that, it was time to get even more creative and have some fun with it.

Today, debt-free and living well, Bruce is a certified Ramsey Solutions master financial coach, and this smart money couple loves to share any nugget of wisdom they can with YOU on their website,!


  • The "hybrid method" Bruce and Brenda followed to debt freedom
  • How Bruce and Brenda accidentally got started on their debt-free journey
  • Handling finances as a couple, and the importance of trust
  • Tips for the brand new budgeter
  • Bruce and Brenda's "envelope" method



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