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Most people don't often think about getting rid of their debt as soon as they get out of college. Student loans are fast becoming the norm, but just because everyone has them, that doesn't mean you have to keep them! The thing is if your goal is to destroy your debt before it completely takes over, that often means living frugally. This might not sound like the most glamorous lifestyle, but if you can achieve financial freedom as soon as possible, it's worth it in the end!


On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, Lily He-Prudhomme from The Frugal Gene is coming in to tell us all about her debt free journey. Lily is a blogger, full-time Airbnb host, and an incredible resource for learning about how to start your own debt free journey. She and her husband are also on the path to creating generational wealth, and we can't wait for you to hear all about it. At one point, Lily was splurging on a pizza from Costco; now she and her husband are putting away $100-150,000 a year in savings and living completely free of debt!

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