The His and Her Money Show

Positive thinking could be a powerful tool that helps people go through the tough times of their journey to financial success.

There may be undesirable challenges people have to endure in order to pay off debt, but positive psychology could help them change their inclination to these things.

Such was the case of our guest on today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, MJ Bridges, who developed the attitude, approach, and mentality needed to keep his chin up and step over the bumps on the road to debt freedom.

As do many, MJ had been careless with his credit cards until he gathered around $70,000 of debt at the age of 25. A classic occurrence of having his credit cards declined at a time that he badly needed it, was the awakening moment for MJ that drove him to realize that he was poorly managing his finances.

Owning a vision and a plan, MJ used his wit and resources to keep himself determined to pay off his debt. Disappointments and tough times come along the way, but MJ equipped himself with a positive mind to be resolute on his objective—freedom from debt.

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