The His and Her Money Show

Society has taught us that living the American dream is owning things that add to life’s comfort and indulgence. What’s rarely mentioned is that to live the American dream is to be free—and that includes financial freedom. When you think about it, how much money do you have in total after selling your assets to pay off your debt?

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we have Yuriy Mayba to talk to us about how he and his family survived paying off over $200,000 of debt and still managed to end up with a quarter of a million dollars in the long run.

Yuriy achieved what many people see as a commendable life story: Coming from a foreign land at a young age and built his life towards successful business management and income…at the price of being in debt.

Yuriy then realized that he and his wife cannot move forward to a different chapter in their lives without paying off their debt first. With faith in God, discipline, and humility, and using all his skills to get through struggles of survival, he is now savoring a better direction in life and with a stronger relationship with his family.

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