The His and Her Money Show

In many cases, debt is not solely caused by acquiring just our needs, but at times could also come out of spending money on non-essential expenses…or what Shanny and Steve call it, “the stupid thing.” Getting rid of debt also calls for sacrifices and changes in a financial disposition that many people are often reluctant to embrace.

Shanny and Steve are with us in this episode of The His & Her Money Show, as they talk about how changing their lifestyle helped them pay off their debt, and also how the process helped them change their frame of mind in regards to their money. They also share how working for Uber played a role in their achievement of debt freedom.

Shanny and Steve started off with about $23,000 debt when they got married. Finding an apartment under $1,000 in California—an arduous feat—gave them the drive to come up with the means to achieve a debt-free life. There were hesitations and setbacks on changing their mode of living, but Shanny and Steve learned from their mistakes and evolved, and decisively came out with an enhanced and debt-free life.

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