The His and Her Money Show

Instead of just existing in life, you should be thriving in it. What's holding many of you back is the current state of your personal finances. You're sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the stress that is being generated by your money problems. What you are lacking is the presence of financial wellness in your life.

Author and speaker Jason Vitug stop by The His & Her Money Show to share exactly what you need to do to get on the road to financial wellness.

He shares insights about money that he has learned in his life so that you can get to a better place financially. Jason is currently on a financial education tour across the country called The Road to Financial Wellness to help people grow in their knowledge of personal finance.

Jason Vitug is a financial motivator, lifestyle engineer, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He lives life with passion and compassion for others.

He’s the founder at Phroogal, a financial education startup empowering people with the simplest way to learn about money, to discover financial products and services, and to make better-informed financial decisions to help a generation live their dream lifestyle in this lifetime.


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