The His and Her Money Show

A couple committed to a debt-free journey is a force to be reckoned with…

In this “In the middle” episode, we talk with Walter and Latasha about the strategies and inspiration that helped them knock off $22,000 out of their $66,000 worth of debt within months. 



  • Why Walter and Latasha decided to make their debt-free journey a family affair 
  • The sacrifices Latasha and Walter made to stay on their debt freedom plan
  • Getting your spouse on board when you’re on a debt-free journey
  • Why April decided to sell her home (for a good profit) to knock thousands of dollars in debt
  • The big step Walter and Latasha took to save money while paying off debt
  • How to adjust your debt freedom plan with your pay schedule
  •  The mindset shift about debt that transformed how Latasha and Walter felt about the debt
  • The medical wake-up call that helped Latasha see the importance of having a back-up plan
  • The financial legacy Walter and Latasha wants to leave for their children
  • Walter and Latasha’s plans for the future
  • Finding opportunities to pay for your goals while paying off your debt at the same time
  • Dealing with emergencies and new bills on your debt freedom journey
  • Why your debt-free journey affects more than you



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