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When it comes to talking about money in a relationship, most of us focus on the numbers. Very few of us focus on the words we’re using.

That’s the lesson, Tarra Jackson aka “Madam Money” has for us today. As she shares in the podcast and her book, our money habits create a money “language”.

This language is the lens through which we have money conversations.



  • How financial institutions are making money off your bad financial habits
  • How your credit score can cost you more money
  • Two ways you can avoid paying extra money to the banks
  • How to handle “money misunderstandings” in your relationships
  • The four basic money  “languages”
  • The two basic types of spender and saver
  • Why the way we talk about money matters more than you think
  • How do I talk to someone with a different money ‘language’ than me?
  • How do I begin to have the “money conversation” with my significant other?
  • What is a “money date”?
  • Can the way you use money change over time?
  • Why single adults need to read relationship and finance books for couples





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