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In the sacred tapestry of Christian marriages, where love is consecrated by faith and commitment, real romance flourishes as an exquisite reflection of God's divine plan for union and intimacy. Beyond mere sentimentality, it emerges as a profound and vibrant force that breathes life into the covenant between two souls. Rooted in the principles of selflessness and sacrificial love exemplified by Christ's devotion to the Church, real romance in Christian marriages transcends the fleeting allure of superficial infatuation, beckoning couples to traverse the rich terrain of emotional, spiritual, and physical connection. 

It is a journey illuminated by the flicker of candlelight prayers shared in the quietude of evenings, a journey that emboldens spouses to uplift one another in times of trial, and to celebrate together in moments of triumph, recognizing that their union is not solely their own, but a testament to the boundless grace that orchestrates their love story. In this episode of The His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Mark and Grace Driscoll, a married couple, to talk about their new book: Real Romance.

Mark and Grace share their story behind writing the book: Real Romance, the real problems with Christian marriages, the things they learned from the Song of Songs that have helped strengthen their marriage, and the different forms of sex in marriages. They also talk about getting out of an unhealthy romance and tapping into a healthy marriage with great romance. The meaning of the statement, how we act outside of the bedroom is what leads to the feeling inside the bedroom. Tune in to learn more!


What You Will Learn:

  • The story behind the book: Real Romance
  • The real problems with Christian marriages
  • The new things that Mark and Grace learned from Song of Songs that has helped strengthen their marriage
  • The different forms of sex in marriages
  • The meaning of the statement: How we act outside of the bedroom is what leads to the feeling inside the bedroom
  • Figuring out the category of your marriage
  • Getting out of unhealthy romance and tapping into a healthy marriage with a great romance
  • What Mark did to fix his marriage
  • Advice to marriages that have broken trust
  • What you will find in the book: Real Romance


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