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On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, we're so excited to welcome back Jen Hemphill! Jen is a lot of things - a blogger, a military spouse, a mom, proud Latina, and most recently, a published author...and more!

Jen is an accredited financial counselor who's passionate about helping women gain their financial confidence through her podcast, Her Money Matters. Last time Jen was on the show, she was sharing her incredible financial freedom journey, and now she's back to tell us all about how she helps others do the same!

Keep up with Jen at!


  • The behavioral and emotional components of money management
  • “Writing it down" and how it helps
  • Gaining confidence and changing your money mentality for the better
  • Glancing the best budget for your life
  • Developing your own "money headquarters" and following your "future money story"
  • Getting on the same financial page with your partner



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