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In the world of personal finance, escaping a half-a-million-dollar debt is a daunting challenge. Dealing with loans, mortgages, and liabilities can feel overwhelming, making the burden seem insurmountable. Financial freedom requires determination, planning, and discipline to untangle the debt and create a brighter, debt-free future. This journey involves budgeting, debt consolidation, and adjusting one's lifestyle while improving financial knowledge and resilience. 

Remember, every big journey starts with a single step, and with courage, you can move towards liberation from this debt, one stride at a time. In this episode of The His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Jade Warshaw, a Money Coach at Ramsey Collection and the Host of The Ramsey Show, to share her journey to debt freedom from having a half a million dollar debt.

Jade talks bout her initial mentality around money that led her into debt, how she handled her first debt number when she sat down for the first time, and how she communicated with her spouse about the lifestyle shift that will help reduce expenditure and increase savings. She also explained what they did to get out of debt and how they managed to start a business in debt. Tune in to learn more!

What You Will Learn:

  • The amount of debt Jade was facing and the time it took to get that out of her life
  • Jade’s initial mentality around money that led her into debt
  • How to handle the initial debt number when you sit down for the first time
  • How to talk to your spouse about debt and make a plan to move forward together
  • Changing your mindset around money and starting your journey to debt freedom
  • What Jade and her husband did to get out of debt
  • Talking to your spouse about the lifestyle shift that will reduce expenditure and increase savings
  • How Jade and her husband got into entrepreneurship in debt
  • How it feels to be debt free
  • Advice to people starting their journey to debt freedom

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