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In this episode, we feature an interview with Steve Chou, the founder of, as he shares valuable insights on family-first entrepreneurship and effective work-life integration. Steve discusses his personal journey and offers strategies for achieving success while prioritizing family.

From understanding long-term strategies to focusing on profit over revenue, he provides actionable tips for entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise during business growth. The interview also delves into the importance of knowing your numbers, automating processes, and making informed decisions when hiring. This episode offers a compelling perspective on building a thriving business without compromising family priorities.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Introduction to Steve Chou and his entrepreneurial journey
  • The significance of prioritizing family in entrepreneurship
  • Balancing long-term strategies with short-term goals
  • Shifting focus from revenue to profit for sustainable growth
  • Analyzing the impact of discounts and pricing strategies on profit
  • Understanding the value of automation and leveraging tools like ChatGPT
  • Steve's controversial stance on team size and the role of robots in business
  • The importance of having high-level knowledge before outsourcing tasks
  • Strategies for time management and effective hiring in family-based entrepreneurship

Links and Resources:

  1. Steve Chou's Book: The Family First Entrepreneur
  2. Online Job Platform:
  3. Steve Chou's Website:
  4. Free Mini-Course on E-commerce:
  5. Steve Chou's Podcast: My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast
  6. The Seller Summit:


In this insightful episode of The His and Her Money Show, Steve Chou, author of 'Family First Entrepreneur,' shares his knowledge on building a successful business while prioritizing family and personal life. Furthermore, the discussion covers finding qualified help, the accessibility of e-commerce, embracing the learning curve, committing long-term, balancing business with family, and encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Don't miss out on the valuable resources and bonuses Steve provides, including his book, workshops, mini-course, podcast, YouTube channel, and the annual e-commerce conference, The Seller Summit.

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