The His and Her Money Show
This episode looks at the Bible and how to look at everyday situations from a Biblical view. It shows Biblical ways to get out of debt, how to work and save money, generosity towards others and God, and how to live on less than what you make.

Through the Bible, you will learn important lessons about handling money and it will give you tools that can help with your financial situation.

To help us analyze the tools and ideas from the biblical perspective we are joined by Kayla Walter, a certified financial planner who helps single millennial women use their faith to better manage and increase their income in their everyday life. 


What You Will Learn:

  • How her thought of extracting financial wisdom from the bible came about. 
  • How the scriptures helped Kalya’s financial situation.
  • Systemizing money in all seasons.
  • Where people go wrong when it comes to approaching their finances.
  • The five pillars from the bible on handling money 
  • Kayla’s advice on how much you should save on a regular basis. 
  •  Practical ideas of “get money buy income.”
  • Advice on giving with wisdom.
  • Obstacles that may pop up as you pursue to align money with the Bible.
  • Encouragement for people wondering if they are capable of making a mindset shift to align their finances with the scriptures.

Resources Mentioned:

  • The believer's guide to faith and money.

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