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As parents, it's our full-time job to set our kids up for life. Giving them the tools and mindset to succeed at whatever they want to do.

On today's episode of the His & Her Money Show, we've got two shining examples of early business education with Terrie Chantel, aka PajamaCEO, and her son Austin. Terrie is a mom of three who's passed on her love for business and entrepreneurship to her sons. She firmly believes it's never too early to start educating and inspiring our kids through example today, to be even more successful for tomorrow.

Back in the day, Terrie thought she knew what success looked like: going to college, settling into a career, and work, work, work. Then she realized there was so much more to her AND the opportunities life had to offer. It took a few years for Terrie to get the entrepreneur itch, but once she did, she was on a mission, overcoming obstacles and discrimination to design her own dreams and start setting up those goals to achieve them. Now Austin is following in her footsteps, putting in the work and hustling hard towards a promising music career and as many businesses as he can start along the way.

Today, she and Austin are spilling their entrepreneur mindsets, hacks, and strategies, and giving us a look in the playbook for getting that fire started at a young age. Parents, get that pen and paper out, and you might even want to grab the kids for this one - it's a ride you won't want to miss!


  • Breaking down the legacy mentality
  • How Terrie overcame her experience with racism in the workplace
  • Various ways Terrie encourages her sons to grow their dreams
  • Feeling trapped in the traditional career path
  • How Austin is utilizing his entrepreneurship skills
  • The how and why Terrie decided to teach her kids about business early
  • Using Poshmark to generate income
  • Terrie's first side hustle


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