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On today’s episode of The His and Her Money Show, we have an incredible guest, Chad Carson, known as Coach Carson, who is a real estate investor, world traveler, and author of the book, ‘’Retire Early with Real Estate”. This brand new book is going to educate us on how to build wealth the right way with real estate investing.

This episode is going to be very inspirational and educational as Chad shares helpful insights on how to build wealth today and increase your net worth for your children and the generations to come.


• What motivated Chad to pursue to real estate investing.
• Why real estate is a solid path to long-term wealth building.
• How he finds good tenants.
• Advice for people who can’t decide between the leverage approach and one hundred percent cash.
• When is the right time to start buying properties?
• The trials and benefits of a partnership.
• About his book, “Retire Early with Real Estate’’.


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