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In many cases, people may struggle with setting financial goals or keeping themselves on track to complete their goals. Oftentimes, this is more than likely due to communication problems. Talking about your goals is one thing, but what and how to talk about setting goals is another. Today, we have financial expert Michael F. Kay talk to us about his book (The Feel Rich Project) that introduces a different approach in integrating life into money, instead of the other way around.

Delving into financial progress isn’t simply about setting numbers and strategies to implement. Since money is also an emotional issue, people need to be aware of how they communicate in relation to creating their plans. In this episode, Michael teaches us about identifying the important factors to consider when building a comfortable and exciting financial plan that works for you, and that enables yourself to follow through with achieving your financial dreams.

Michael Kay started his career as a CPA before founding and becoming president of the multi-advisor financial life planning firm, Financial Life Focus. He writes and speaks about mastering your money mindset, and contributes to Forbes and Psychology Today. Michael wrote his new book, "The Feel Rich Project”, to help people without means for a financial planner. It is packed with worksheets and stories help inspire readers to reflect on their financial decisions.

Mike wrote the book to help people who can't find a planner, don't have the money to pay a planner, to really look at their money insides, and understand their beginning and numbers. Packed with worksheets and stories.

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