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Homeownership is a HUGE step. For many of us, purchasing a home is all part of the American dream -- but even if homeownership is something that you want, you might not be thinking you're ready for it, or there could be some hurdles along the way that are keeping you on the fence.

On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, Lynn Richardson is back again, and this time she's tackling the big one: the road to homeownership!

If you've been listening to us for a while then you're probably familiar with Lynn's background from her other appearances on the show or from her book, Living Check to Monday, and you know the wisdom and the several hats that she wears -- but if not, then get ready for her to drop some knowledge!



  • The mindset shift that turned everything around for Lynn.
  • Purchasing a home with no credit.
  • Building your home buying game plan.
  • Busting our homeownership myths.




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