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As financial bloggers, His & Her Money sees hundreds of debt-free stories. We love to see those calculators out and the numbers going down, but these stories aren't just about the money, it's also about the people behind it. In today's episode, our guest's experience with becoming debt-free has a different spin on what money means to her and how she's used her financial smarts to better her life in unpredictable ways.

We've got Kassandra Dasent here with us today, a boss lady CEO who went all-in to knock out her $55,000 consumer debt. A successful businesswoman with a passion for holistic wellness, once she realized her debt was holding her back, Kassandra was giving up her dream condo and saying goodbye for now to a lot of the luxuries in her life, just to get her finances right and become more fiscally responsible for the future.

This wasn't just a financial journey, but a total lifestyle overhaul. While budgeting, saving, and upping her income potential, Kassandra was shaking off decades worth of bad habits and learning so much about herself and how she was managing her money. And now she's back to living her best life with her husband debt-free! Kassandra is a great example of putting in the work, and we hope you can learn a lot from her inspiring journey.


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