The His and Her Money Show

No matter what your current life situation is, you still possess the ability to attain debt freedom. Today's guest on The His and Her Money Show is a great example of just that. On today's show, we'll be talking with Jennifer Roskamp, a mother of 8 that worked her way to debt freedom.

Jennifer and her husband came to the realization that in order to achieve the life that they wanted for their family, they were going to have to get out of debt. With that thought in mind, they did the unthinkable and successfully eliminated all of their debt, to include their home mortgage.

Jennifer Roskamp is a busy, homeschooling mom of 8 who enjoys keeping a home, living a frugal and active lifestyle, and loving the little and not so little people in her life. Her mission is helping other moms find contentment in living intentionally every day over at her blog,

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