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For  Jason Butler, the journey to debt freedom is not a straightforward path, but it is real. 

Inspired by other money bloggers, he made a goal of paying off his debt in 3 years.

As he says, “He failed miserably.”

But that failure sparked a new side hustle empire (powered by eBay) for Jason.

That journey, along with strategies, is what Jason shares in this episode of The His & Her Money Show. Jason shares some of his top flips (and duds) while sharing his strategy for keeping costs low, managing inventory, and making the transition to owning your own store. 



  • The up and down realities of a debt-free journey
  • Finding the right side hustle for you
  • The process behind Jason choosing eBay as a key side hustle
  • Best flips Jason made on eBay
  • Biggest mistakes eBay newbies make 
  • How do you find the right items to resell on eBay?
  • Controlling costs on eBay: How much do you spend buying items?
  • Shipping: How do you avoid high shipping costs?
  • Managing your eBay inventory 
  • Pricing strategies: Buy it Now (Fixed price) vs eBay Auction
  • Jason’s eBay & debt-free goals for the future
  • Should you start with an eBay store first?
  • ll of the stuff (like loan requirements) when you’re investing?





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