The His and Her Money Show

Jason and Desiree are another couple in the middle of their debt journey, but their story (like everyone else’s) is unique. 

In their situation, Desiree and Jason are tackling student loans and mortgage along with medical bills, credit card debt, and more. Despite all of this, they have tackled the medical bills, car loans, credit cards, and have an eye on knocking out the rest.



  • How Jason and Desiree finally committed to a debt-free journey after trying inconsistently for years
  • How to balance saving and spending
  • Budgeting strategies to balance budgeting and saving
  • The hardest part of being in the middle of a debt-free journey
  • How to deal with haters and naysayers (and people who just don’t know) on your debt journey
  • How do you adjust your debt when emergencies (like a new baby) happen?
  • Keeping your partner accountable during your debt-free journey
  • How to avoid arguments with your partner when you have different spending happens



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