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As Christians, each and every one of us carries our faith differently. There's no one size fits all path to serving God, but unfortunately, sometimes within the church or even just within our communities there may be underlying pressures or patterns that we feel the need to adhere to, even if it's what we know deep down may not be the right path for us.

The question is, how do we break free and be our authentic selves while being authentic in our faith? Well, keep listening and you might just find some answers!

On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we're very excited to have Jackie Hill Perry at the mic with us today! Jackie has recently dropped her latest book, HOLIER THAN THOU: HOW GOD'S HOLINESS HELPS US TRUST HIM, and she's here to let us know all about it!


What You Will Learn

  • Jackie talks us through the premise of her new book, Holier Than Thou!
  • What is idolatry?
  • Why Jackie realized it was important to start her ministry and share her words with the world.
  • The idea of holiness, and why it's unattainable.


Resources Mentioned

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