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Here at His & Her Money, we're all about all things finances, but our viewers might have noticed one hot topic missing from our lineup of financial advice and debt-free stories -- and that's cryptocurrency!

It's no secret that cryptocurrency is everywhere and that it's here to stay, and it's a huge subject in the financial space. There's a lot to cover, and we've been holding off on this episode, taking our time and getting it all together, and here we finally are!

So it goes without saying that for this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we wanted to bring on the best speaker we know to tackle this topic.

Dr. Hans from The Investing Tutor knows his stuff without a doubt, and we encourage you to sit back with some note-taking supplies for this one because he's dropping some gems for us today!



  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • Blockchains are explained in depth.
  • How Dr. Hans discovered the world of cryptocurrency.
  • A brief history of bitcoin.
  • Steps that we can all start to take today to close the wealth gap.




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