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On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, Brian and Cherie Lowe shares nuggets, tips and strategies on money and marriage. In 2008 they were in the midst of paying off all their consumer debt. They thought it would take them fifteen years, seven and a half if they really hustled, but by God’s grace they paid off all their consumer debt of $127,482,30 in just under four years.

Cherie runs a money saving website, called Queen of Free, and together they wrote a book called Your Money, Your Marriage. The premise behind the book was to show that if arguments about money can push couples apart, then agreements on money could pull them together.


  • How do I get my spouse on the same page about finances?
  • Why being consistent tells your spouse: I love you.
  • How to talk about money with your spouse, (even if it feels awkward).
  • How to organize money issues and declutter it.
  • Teaching your children money wisdom.
  • What are financial foreplay and financial intimacy?
  • How to remove those barriers to intimacy.
  • What is a generous fund?



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