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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk about a unique business opportunity that you might not have heard about, being a mobile notary.

While the job of “mobile notary” doesn’t get a lot of press, it gets a lot of work. As the owner of a notary agency and notary training school, Andre Hatchett will tell you, notaries are needed everywhere. 

Mobile notaries are needed to witness documents, sign loans, verify wills, take fingerprints, and much more.  Mobile notaries can make good money, whether they work part-time or full-time.

In this episode, Andre shares everything you need to know to get started right after you listen to the podcast episode. He covers how to get into the business (and why he decided to become a notary), how much money you can expect, how to get training, and how to grow your business through marketing and specialization.



  • What is a notary?
  • How do I become a mobile notary?
  • Can you make a full-time income from being a notary?
  • How much can you really make as a notary?
  • What makes a successful notary?
  • How much time do you have to spend to make this profitable?
  • Secure at your job vs “self-employed”: Dealing with criticism as an entrepreneur
  • What safety precautions can mobile notaries take?
  • Insurance and tools: What kind of tools do I need to be a mobile notary? Do I need insurance?
  • Should  I have a website?
  • Is there still space in the market for someone just starting out?
  • How do you grow as a mobile notary?
  • Are the mobile notary services that bring in more money?
  • How do you upsell notary services?




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