The His and Her Money Show

Today, we help listeners achieve financial success and be debt-free. You can go from worrying about your debt to gaining control and confidence in the area of money.

We are also joined by Tony and Brittany Ingram to share the debt freedom journey to repaying their debt. They're here as testimony that debt freedom is doable, possible, and can be done. 


What You Will Learn:

  • How their journey to debt freedom started.
  • The temptation of being comfortable with debt.
  • Debt relapse challenge and how to get back to the debt repayment journey.
  • The need to be patient with your spouse on their debt payment journey.
  • Listing your debt and evaluating your expenditure. 
  • Creating a budget and other ways to knock off debt.
  • The concept of the two-income track.
  • Block out the noise and not revert to the old you.
  • Incorporating savings and emergency funds to repaying off debt.
  • How it feels like being out of debt.
  • What it meant for them to accomplish what they set out to accomplish.
  • Advice for people struggling with paying off their debt.

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