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We all use the internet in different ways. Whether you're looking up recipes or streaming a movie to wind down after a long day, or using your online platforms to generate income, there's something out there for everybody. On the business side, there's so much talk about blogs, social media, podcasts...but what about videos? 

Video-sharing platforms are hugely popular online, and YouTube is right up at the top. Here at His & Her Money, we're HUGE fans of YouTube as a platform for all types of entrepreneurs to grow your brand or business, so we're excited to have an episode that's all about it!

For this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we've got Joseph Hogue with us again for some fantastic motivation and advice. Joseph has loads of experience on his side when it comes to running a business, and now he's a bonafide YouTube expert as well!

In three years, Joseph has gained 300,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Let's Talk Money! With Joseph Hogue, and he's about to drop facts on the YouTube game, from how to get started to how to make it big!

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