The His and Her Money Show

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, great information and insights are shared with us by our guest, Dorethia Kelly, a Finance and Business Coach, Founder of The Money Chat, and author of MoneyChat Book. Dorethia is an expert in looking for realistic ways to earn and save money, getting out of debt, and creating a financial life plan. She shares valuable insight on how to become more valuable at work.


  • Tips on how to become more valuable at work.
  • What “owning your success” means.
  • How to be more marketable in your career path.
  • The importance of financial management.
  • How Dorethia prioritizes important things and how it affects you financially.
  • Tips to be an effective networker.
  • How to fight the distraction of social media to remain patient in the whole process.
  • Advice for people who hate their current job.


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