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When you first begin to tackle your journey to debt-freedom, where do you start? Maybe you look online for some guidance, but so often, when we have premade budget trackers thrown at us, templates and plans we find online, they don’t work for us. It makes us feel like we’ve failed, and those loans feel more and more insurmountable.

This happened to Miko Ehrmantraut, over and over and over again. Divorced, drowning in student loan and credit card debt, and suddenly a single mom, she made her first budget 9 years ago.

During her journey, managed to knock out a whopping 70k out of her debt in a mere 8 months. Not only that, be she build a debt-free million dollar business in the process!



  • How to find a budget that works for your unique life
  • Ways to tackle underlying emotional and psychological triggers behind spending money
  • How to find extra money by reducing bills and expenses
  • Learning a side hustle to make extra money
  • Lifestyle changes you can make as a parent
  • How to prioritize quality time with your child
  • How to psychologically prepare yourself for starting a business
  • Ideas to make money online





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