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On this episode of “In the Middle,” we talk to Ashonzay and Ellie, a couple that has combined their debt-free journey with their health and lifestyle changes. They are the founders of Debt Free & Fitness, and their mission is to help people live a healthy lifestyle with both their finances and their bodies. 

Ashonzay and Ellie came from different financial backgrounds, and consequently, they entered into their relationship with very different financial situations. In total, their debt began at 120k, with most of it coming from Ashonzay, and within the past 6 months, they have reduced it by about 26k. 

Ashonzay openly shares about his hesitation to be transparent with Ellie about his debt, feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and fearful that it might negatively impact their relationship. In response, Ellie sets an incredible example of acknowledging her privilege, showing compassion, and accepting responsibility for her future husband’s debt.



  • How to accept and understand your partner’s debt
  • How to have a conversation with your partner about your debt
  • Becoming financially transparent prior to marriage
  • Creating discretionary budgets to make budgeting sustainable
  • Organizing budgets and savings towards multiple goals
  • Cutting back on excess spending
  • Meal prepping to help both the budget and health
  • Living intentionally while avoiding burnout
  • Building a debt-free community
  • Finding joy in things that don’t cost money
  • Pushing through non-motivation and remembering your “Why”





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