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On today's episode of the His and Her Money Show, we have a young couple, Leo and Faith, who have an awesome debt-free story. This phenomenal couple is on a debt-kicking mission and is half-way to the finish line. They have paid off $115,000 of debt in 12 months! How? Listen to the episode to find out the strategies that they applied.

Faith is really passionate about debt freedom, helping people get out of debt and talking about finances. Leo is an occupational therapist, who loves to play basketball during his free time, and is passionate about sharing their story of hope. 

At first, Faith had a mindset of seeing debt as normal and planned to take care of it later. She bought all the things she wanted, the opposite of Leo. Leo, in fact, motivated her to settle their debts first in order to begin a family. They have figured out the purpose and vision of their marriage. Having financial conversations before they've got married helped them to address their goals early on.

Leo and Faith did some side hustling, spending almost all their time working and attacking one loan at a time. They have created a poster to visually see the flow of their debts and payments. Furthermore, they are treating it seriously and considering it as a kind of motivation. They are dedicated and are digging their heels in to get to the finish line.


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