The His and Her Money Show

Erica Wade brings the “hustle” when it comes to kicking debt’s butt and she shares her journey with us on the His & Her Money Show. 

Tune in if you are ready to hear how Erica slashed her debt, built a mini side hustle empire and live a financially disciplined life that inspires others while treating yourself at the same time.



  • The lasting positive impact the His & Her Money Show had on Erica 
  • Tackling different types of debt
  • What to do when you get overboard with budgeting ...and how Erica fixed the problem
  • The most important account in Erica’s budget
  • Why you should have fun built into your budget
  • Handling the extra money from a side hustle
  • How to balance a side hustle with the rest of your life
  • Dealing with naysayers on your debt-free journey
  • Going beyond the side hustle” Erica’s plan to move from side hustle to side hustle empire





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