The His and Her Money Show
In this episode, we are blessed to be joined by a wonderful couple, Carrington and Ashley Brown.

Our guests are here today to walk us through their journey of paying off a six-figure debt and how it feels to be debt-free.

They discuss the steps they took and provide different ways to approach the financial aspect of life. This includes real-life examples, plans, and goal-setting methods.


What You Will Learn:

  • How the debt-free journey looks like at the beginning.
  • Moving from the acquisition of knowledge to the application of it.
  • Different methods of outlining your debt.
  • Evaluating entrepreneurship opportunities, types of steps, and procedures to do in pursuit of additional income streams without hindering the pursuit of debt-freedom.
  • How to reconcile monetary deposits into dreams while doing other things.
  • Matching faith with work.
  • How couples should keep each other accountable through the debt-free journey.
  • The feeling of sending in your last debt payment and how it feels knowing you are out of debt.
  • Discipline and the mental paradigm shift are necessary to have the foundation of debt freedom.
  • Advice to someone facing a lack of motivation from the person you are married to.
  • Suggested books that will help achieve debt freedom. 


Resources Mentioned

Connect with Carrington Brown

Connect with Ashley Brown


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