The His and Her Money Show

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we have another shining example of a debt-free story from our guest, Jill Stuefer, who is an office coordinator and wedding photographer based in Kansas City, MO. Jill shares with us how she and her husband paid off their debts in just 430 days! How can this possibly happen? Check out her incredible journey and learn much more!


  • What encouraged them to get rid of their debts.
  • Their projection to a debt-free journey.
  • Tricks they applied to knock out a bunch of debt.
  • How they balanced paying off debt and growing their business.
  • How they made each other stay on the same page until the last payment.
  • The obstacles they met along the journey.
  • How Jill kept herself motivated.
  • The biggest lessons she learned during the freedom of debt journey
  • Words of encouragement for people who have a mountain of debt but find it impossible to get rid of.



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