The His and Her Money Show

We have another super inspirational debt free story that you're going to love. Our guest has done something that a lot of people want to accomplish.

She put herself in a position of power that allowed her to get rid of the student loan debt that was holding her back from all the things she hoped to do in life. Furthermore, she stayed focused and finished the race, despite all the negativity along the way.

On today's episode of the His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Ashley Brewster, who has another successful journey of debt freedom. She destroyed $19,226.32 in debt in just 13 months! 


  • How Ashley keeps herself motivated despite being busy working and studying.
  • How she continuously grows her knowledge of personal finance.
  • Her side hustles for extra income.
  • What keeps her motivated through negativity.
  • The biggest lesson she learned from her debt journey.



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