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Everybody knows that habits are hard to break, and that's especially true when it comes to money habits. Whether you're overspending the monthly budget, sleeping on the income you know you should be making, or even just not keeping track of your finances at all, one bad money habit always leads to more, and that's when your financial destruction can start to snowball, sometimes for generations. Breaking the mold is tough, but it's worth it in the end to set a good financial foundation for the present and the future!

On today's episode of The His & her Money Show, we're so glad to be talking with Amir and Candace Shameih about their decision to break out of debt and grab a piece of that financial freedom. This faith-forward couple took the initiative, got their plan together, and set out to eliminate their debt in 18 months...and then they beat the odds and came out debt-free in just 7! Their story is incredible, and we can't wait for you to hear it!

Neither Amir nor Candace grew up in money-conscious families. As kids, they saw the bad side of what can happen when you let the state of your finances fall back as a priority, but even so, for awhile it seemed like they were both on the same path all too soon. Fortunately, history wasn't doomed to repeat itself, and after Candace, the couple truly began to realize their options. Between the two of them, they had over $58,000, from student loans, credit cards, and a whole lot else. They could stay a slave to the lender, or they could take control of their money, bust their way out of debt, and live financial freedom to the fullest. And you can bet they chose the right one! Keep listening to find out how they did it, and maybe learn something along the way!


  • Bringing your spouse on board to tackle your debt together
  • Getting into a new mindset to start your budget
  • Some of Candace and Amir's tips and tricks for getting out of debt
  • Cutting monthly costs around the household
  • How to stay focused and not give into temptation
  • Gow faith kept Candace and Amir strong through their debt free journey

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