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If you know for sure that you want to get out of debt, that's the first step. What comes next is where things can get tricky, and sometimes you have you get creative. There are many ways to kickstart your debt free journey and to keep up the momentum once you're well on your way - create a budget, cut expenses, or even start a side hustle or two. Or why not try all of these things at once?

On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, Alex Barker is in the house to talk about smashing debt, living well, and being a rockstar entrepreneur. You might also know Alex as the Side Hustle Coach, and that's no surprise. By day, he's is a pharmacist, but he's also a career coach at with multiple others businesses of his own under his belt. So with so much going on, it might be hard to believe that Alex and his wife were once roughly $200,000 in debt...but it's true! But they made it to the other side, and we can't wait for you learn the "secret sauce" behind their journey to debt freedom!

Naturally, Alex and his wife don't agree on EVERYTHING - but when it came to eliminating their debt, they were totally on the same page and ready to tackle it together, even as practically newlyweds. Alex's parents instilled smart money habits from a young age, and even Alex thought he was already a financial whiz, the debt management class his wife insisted on enlightened him and filled in some of the gaps. They knew he wanted out as soon as possible - it was just a matter of how! And there were many ways. They decided to live off one of their two monthly paychecks and paid off their debts systematically, starting with the car loan and working their way up towards the mortgage, saving money wherever they could despite Alex's pharmacist salary, and quickly learned that living well doesn't have to mean living expensively.

On top of that, there was a time when Alex wasn't totally sure he wanted to be a pharmacist for the rest of his life, and so he started branching out. Dipping into the small business world and generating extra income from various side hustles, he officially caught the entrepreneur bug, and ultimately through living simply, teamwork, and dedication to intermittent fasting and flipping baby strollers on eBay, seven years later, they've budgeted, saved, and strategized their way to debt freedom!

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  • Avoiding financial temptation on the road to debt freedom
  • Looking past naysayers and criticisms
  • Living on less than what you make, and how it can help you live better
  • How "living poor" helped Alex and his wife beat their debt
  • Debt reduction programs - what they are, how to use them, and why they're important
  • Unique strategies Alex used to save money and generate income



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