The His and Her Money Show

Cutting off expenses drastically, budgeting, and keeping a spending record were some of the major steps that saw today’s guest pay off her debt in less than 2 years. 

Tracie is a 100% self-employed freelance photographer who only got serious about paying off her $75,000 debt in August 2018. The overwhelming burden of debt prompted her to take the necessary action.

Tracie shares how being a self-employed entrepreneur with an unstable income became her excuse for making slow debt repayments. She also shares how listening to other people’s stories on the His and Her Money show brought her to the realization that she wasn’t doing enough to finish off her debt.

Listen in to learn how you can also pay off your debt even without a stable income. You will also learn how to raise your rates as a freelancer, and ask for what you deserve which might be of huge help in paying off that debt you owe.

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