The His and Her Money Show

Let’s face it, the already high cost of college is doing nothing but increasing. Currently, the biggest financial hurdle that the millennial generation is facing centers on student loan debt.

Figuring out how to minimize, or altogether avoid, financial bondage that occurs due to high college costs is not an easy task to undertake. To help us navigate this all too important topic, we reached out to Brad Baldridge from Taming The High Cost of College, to share some wisdom on how to keep college costs low.


What You Will Learn

  • The first thing that you need to consider when trying to reduce college costs.
  • The role that your taxes play in saving money for college.
  • Common mistakes that families are making while trying to save for the children’s college.
  • How to find viable scholarship opportunities.
  • The 6 types of colleges and how they impact pricing.


Resources Mentioned

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