The His and Her Money Show

Many single parents have a belief, that they don't have the ability to work their way out of debt. Today's guest on The His & Her Money Show demonstrates that quite the contrary is true.

In this episode, we speak with Chonce Maddox of, as she details her journey towards becoming debt-free. She has had to overcome a lack of financial wisdom being passed on to her, as well as all of the responsibilities that come with being a single parent, to get to where she is today.

She has turned her circumstances into her motivation to become debt-free, and chronicle her journey for the world to see. Through her hard work and dedication, Chonce is on track to be completely debt-free next year!

Her story speaks loud and clear to all, that debt freedom is a realistic goal for anyone who is willing to put in the work to accomplish it.


What You Will Learn

  • How Chonce ended up buried in debt.
  • Her true motivation for wanting to become completely debt-free.
  • The steps that she is taking to get rid of all of her debt.
  • The various obstacles that she has had to overcome during her journey to debt freedom.
  • Her advice for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps to eliminate debt.


Resources Mentioned