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In this episode of "The His and Her Money Show," host Talaat McNeely invites trauma therapist and author Kobe Campbell to explore the powerful combination of Jesus and therapy. Join the conversation as they discuss the importance of seeking therapy, finding the right therapist, and integrating faith and professional support for personal growth and healing.

Throughout the interview, Kobe Campbell shares profound insights and actionable advice for those seeking healing, restoration, and a deeper connection with God. Join us as we uncover the transformative potential of integrating Jesus and therapy in your personal journey toward wholeness.

Episode Summary:

  • Talaat McNeely introduces Kobe Campbell, an award-winning licensed trauma therapist and author of the book "Why Am I Like This?: How to Break Cycles, Heal From Trauma, and Restore Your Faith."
  • Kobe shares valuable insights and advice on finding a therapist, emphasizing the importance of Psychology Today's directory and specialized networks like Therapy for Black Girls.
  • The conversation delves into the significance of initial trust and comfort when selecting a therapist, suggesting a free consultation as a means of gauging compatibility.
  • Kobe emphasizes the need to find a therapist who makes you feel safe and respected, creating a space for deep work and healing.
  • They discuss the common challenges men face in seeking therapy, encouraging them to overcome societal expectations and embrace vulnerability.
  • Kobe shares her husband's transformative journey, highlighting the importance of finding a therapist who shares similar experiences and backgrounds.
  • The conversation emphasizes the power of trust in therapy and the role it plays in the healing process.
  • They discuss the role of Jesus in therapy, emphasizing the value of a silent place where individuals can listen and discover what God is saying about themselves.
  • Kobe shares her contact information and invites listeners to connect with her through her website and social media platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seeking therapy is vital for personal growth, healing, and self-care, regardless of background or beliefs.
  • Utilize resources like Psychology Today and specialized networks to find a suitable therapist based on location, specific needs, and preferences.
  • Trust and comfort are essential when selecting a therapist; consider a free consultation to assess compatibility.
  • Find a therapist who creates a safe and respectful environment, making you feel valued and understood.
  • Men should overcome societal expectations and embrace vulnerability, seeking support from therapists who understand their experiences.
  • Integration of faith and therapy allows for a transformative space where Jesus can work through the healing process.
  • Connect with Kobe Campbell through her website and social media platforms.

Resources Mentioned:

Guest Social Media and Website:

Episode Breakdown:

  • Introduction of Kobe Campbell and her background as a trauma therapist and author. [00:00]
  • Importance of seeking therapy and finding the right therapist. [04:12]
  • Utilizing resources like Psychology Today and Therapy for Black Girls. [05:25]
  • Emphasizing the significance of initial trust and comfort with a therapist. [07:35]
  • The role of trust in therapy and creating a safe environment for healing. [10:03]
  • Challenges men face in seeking therapy and the importance of vulnerability. [13:55]
  • The transformative journey of Kobe's husband and the value of shared experiences with a therapist. [16:37]
  • Integrating faith and therapy, allowing Jesus to work through the healing
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