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It's a big deal for us that everybody finds the career that's best for them, and it's no secret that we're huge champions of entrepreneurship!

Testing the entrepreneurship waters makes it possible to try out all sorts of opportunities, from small local businesses to real estate, and you might just find the one that can set you up for life!

Today on the His & Her Money Show, we've got mom, wife, and real estate guru Erika Brown on the show! Erika is a no-excuses entrepreneur, and we love her story so much.

She wears a whole lot of hats, owning a property management company and a landscaping company, and she and her husband manage a diverse Atlanta real estate portfolio of 17 units. So, obviously, Erika knows exactly what she's talking about, and spreading some of her knowledge today!

Back in the day, Erika was working a bank job fresh out of college as a new mom. While she was there, she got curious about money and started putting together the patterns of the wealthy people she encountered. Something a lot of her bank customers had in common? Real estate! 

That's when the concept of real estate investment first came onto Erika's radar, and so when she and her husband decided to purchase their first income property, they were on a mission -- and it's safe to say it all turned out!

Today, Erika and her husband have grown an impressive real estate portfolio dealing in long-term rentals, Airbnbs, and more, and we can't wait for you to hear all about how they made it happen!


What You Will Learn

  • Beginner advice to breaking into the real estate industry.
  • How Erika and her husband started their real estate empire.
  • What is real estate investment as a whole?
  • Different ways Erika and her husband expanded their business.


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