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On this episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk with The Downing Brothers (Anthony & Anton Downing) of HGTV’s “Double Down ” about flipping houses, rehabbing, and all things real estate.



  • How to flip real estate using an FHA (Federal Housing Authority) loan
  • Requirements of the FHA loan
  • The business principles behind the side hustle of real estate investing
  • Cheat codes to getting faster approval of your loans
  • Workarounds to getting more than FHA loan so you can get more cash flow in less time
  • The importance of persistence in real estate investing (Very important for beginners!)
  • Tips for adding  value to a home to increase it’s worth
  • How do you find the right properties and neighborhoods to invest in?
  • Good and bad signs of a good real estate deal
  • The “Driving for Dollars” technique to make sure you’re seeing a real estate deal from all angles
  • Building your real estate investing “success team”
  • Successfully vetting the people on your real estate investing team (i.e. contractors, realtors, etc.)
  • Building relationships with property managers and the community to decrease the headaches of investing
  • Why it’s more expensive to buy cheap and take shortcuts when rehabbing a house
  • What to do when bad things happen in real estate investing...and how to prepare for them in advance




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