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In this episode of The His and Her Money Show, we have a special guest, New York Times bestselling author and Pastor T.D. Jakes. Join us as Pastor Jakes shares his insights on disruptive thinking, emotional intelligence, and building a strong marriage.


Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of planning and budgeting to handle resources effectively
  • Overcoming emotional challenges through emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • The significance of making progress rather than seeking popularity
  • Embracing the difficulty of big ventures and the value of doing things yourself
  • Navigating conversations with your spouse when pursuing disruptive ideas


Episode Summary: 

The conversation begins with Pastor Jakes emphasizing the significance of planning and structuring one's resources. He encourages listeners to bring money to mind rather than letting emotions dictate their financial decisions. He emphasizes the importance of being productive and intentional with time and resources.

The discussion then moves to the topic of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Pastor Jakes defines emotional intelligence as the ability to manage emotions and make sound decisions, highlighting the importance of expressing emotions constructively. He emphasizes the power of apology and the need to break negative learned behaviors.

Next, Pastor Jakes reflects on the state of the world and the responsibility to leave a better future for our children. He shares his experience of negotiating a billion-dollar deal with a major bank to benefit the community, highlighting the importance of integrity and keeping one's word.

The conversation shifts to the challenges of venturing into new territories and thinking disruptively. Pastor Jakes advises listeners to do thorough research, seek advice from experienced individuals, and weigh opinions against their own knowledge. He encourages embracing the difficulty and acknowledging that progress often comes through hard work and perseverance.

In the later part of the episode, Pastor Jakes discusses the importance of taking ownership and being involved in every aspect of your endeavors. He shares personal experiences of stepping into uncharted territory and the support he received from his wife. He emphasizes the need for agreement within a household to navigate the challenges of pursuing disruptive ideas.

The episode concludes with Pastor Jakes inviting listeners to explore his book, "Disruptive Thinking," available wherever books are sold. He also introduces the Good Soil app, designed to support and connect entrepreneurs seeking to rethink and grow their businesses.


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Join us in this enlightening episode as Pastor T.D. Jakes shares invaluable insights on disruptive thinking, emotional intelligence, and building a strong marriage. Don't miss out on the wisdom shared by this renowned author and pastor.

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